Game by darkblazed

This game was made by one of my friends it is a very fun game to play it has a good plot.



Maulan:+3 str,+2con,-1int   A race of dark skin demons 7ft tall,a poison tail with stinger on the end.

Gearan:+3dex,+2con,-1wis   same as maulan just no stinger tail,they also have white fur.

Kerunite:+2wis,+2int,+2dex,-3con   small pixie like creature with brite white eyes and white skin.

Floral sprite:+2wis,+2dex  human with the ability to change into plants and such.


Basic:Fighter-+2str  Fighters are tough adventurers who prefer to lay down the law with their sword,axe,or spear. they are not touched by the gods as clerics and magic users are but they can still rely on chaos,the god of war,for strength.

           Cleric-+2wis  Rather than fight,clerics rely on the gods to cast healing and protective magic. but this dose'nt mean they can't use their staves to defend themselves in a pinch. most clerics worship serenity,the goddes of peace,but adventuring clerics tend to rely on there zodiac ruling for protection.


        Witch/Wizard-+2int   Witches and wizards devote their entire lives to the mastery of magic! they begin by learning zodiac magic(chotic,serene,crane,and so forth). those few who have mastered all of the magic of their zodiac can also learn arcane magic.


        Theif-+2dex  Rouges who are quick with their hands and mind. few parties can suvive without a theif to steal supplies when they are low on currency.

Prestige:Enigma-+2con,+2wis  Very little is known about the abilitys of an enigma,only that they are flowing with hidden power.

                        Assassin-+2dex+2chm  Rouges who have attained a level of distiction and mastered the killing arts.their knife guneryare beautiful to watch.that is until you see you guts spill.

                        Templar-+2wis,+2str  Fighters or clerics who have redirected their lives to defending the secrets of the gods.their lifes goal is to attain a perfect balance beetween physical and spritual strength.they fight useing swords and maces.

                         Spell warrior-+2int,+2str  Fighters or Witches who find in common intreset in mastery of both the sword and magic.legally qualified spell warriors must have graduated from the