Random crap.

I will be posting alot of random crap on this page so enjoy.

The problem with dm's.

Somtimes a dm will make it seem like he's gazing off into space by puting random stuff in a game by making stupid uber things in his game. for example the dm will make a lv100 pink bunny...???!!!

Another thing that pisses me off is when a dm puts himself in the game at a high level to start off. I think he should start of at the same level as everyone else....???!!!

 Dm's should never make himself a uber weapon like the immortal sword of hells doom. he should at least have a enchanted long sword.

Be independant.

Do not expect a dm to save your ass!!!! you can save your on ass from any situation you please just belive in the force...:*

My dream situation......

My dream situation is to be attacked by evil garden gnomes. it would make my day. i just want to use a warhammer and whack those gnomes to hell...