a man of great magic and power had sent his army of demons from hell to destroy and take over the world.

only a few people know how to stop this.

they(your characters) must destroy the demon blade.


Human:+1 to stm

Elf:+2 to dex

Dwarf:+2 to strength

Gnome:+2 to wisdom

Iskar+2 to stm

Kajjit+1 to speed

Orc:+1 to dex

Oger:+3 to strength

Troll:+2 to strength



Warrior:someone who is good in using weapons and armor.+3 to strength

Mage:someone who is good in using spells.+3 to wisdom

Wizzard:someone who is good in using staffs and magic.+3 to intelligence

Shaman:someone who is good in using axes and spells.+3 to Dexterity

Thief:someone who isw good in being sneaky and lockpicking doors.+statima



Earth:good in the ways of nature but weak against fire.+2 to dexterity

fire:good in the ways of burning but weak against water.+2 to wisdom

metal:good in the ways of defense but weak against earth.+2 to strength

water:good in the ways of wetness.+2 to intelligence

air:good in the ways of flying.+2 to speed

Basic character sheet (Monkey sheet).

Name:                                                    Stats      R-m     C-m    E-s                                   weapons:

C-Name:                                     str-                    

Race:                                       spd-                                                                                   Hp:

Class:                                        wis-                                                                                  Bp:

Element:                                    dex-                                                                                 Mp:

 spells:                                          int-                                                                                gold:



term explanation

Hp:hit points

Bp:battle points(exp.)

Mp:magic points

Spells:you start off with 2 create them. it can be anything just not uberly powerfull.example: invisability:becomes invisable for 20sec.

Element:you chose a element and thats what your character will be proficent in.example: fire: good in fire spells and fire weapons/armor.

Weapons:starts off with 1 weapon of choice nothing uber like the" omega choas blade of immortal doom!!!"just standard weapons like a sword,axe,warhammer,staff,schimitar,dagger,bow and arrow..ect.

Items:you start off with 2 potions thats it.when some one wants to by something from a shop you create what the shop sells.

Maps and the Land:you create what the world looks like and what towns are there.example: tinder town of the gnomish forrest.

stats:You start out with 20 stat points you distribute them as you please.for every demon you kill you gain 2 stat points which you can put wherever you shall please.

The D.M's roll:the dm makes the game how ever he or she wants it to be they just has to follow the races and classes givin.the dm makes where the demon blade is and how strong it is. the dm also makes how many mosters there are and how long it takes before you find the demon blade. the player who defeats the demon blade wins the game. then you can battle each other..! 


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